What is the current status of COVID-19 and the Utrecht Summer School?

As you might know, like other countries in Europe, the Netherlands is taking action to cope with the spread of the virus. The Utrecht Summer School is still in business but all of the team members are working from home. We cannot be reached by phone but you can always send us a message via our support page

We hope and expect that some of our Summer School courses in July and August 2021 will be able to take place on location. Apart from that, we are very happy to inform you that several of our courses will be offered in an online format, which means that regardless of the restrictions, you are able to join our Summer School this year. 

There are currently three formats, clearly mentioned in each individual course description:

1. The course is only offered on location;

2. The course is only offered online;

3. The course is currently designed on location, but with an online safety plan, in case we cannot welcome you to Utrecht. 

If you are interested in a course, but the format is not clear to you, please contact us via our support page

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