What if part of my Summer School Track takes place in another country affected by COVID-19?

In case you applied or wish to apply for one of our tracks, taking place outside Utrecht, different COVID-19 regulations might apply. We will monitor the situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak closely. If students are not allowed to travel to the foreign destination, the Utrecht Summer School will arrange a substitute course, in line with the content of the track if possible. This adjustment to the track will be communicated to registered students mid-May 2020.

We currently have a substitute in place for the 'Italy part' of the following tracks:

  • History or Art: A Thousand Years of European Highlights
  • History or Art: Relations between Italy and the Netherlands
  • The Making of Europe
  • Founding Europe: From Antiquity to the 19th Century
  • Doing Business in Europe
  • Doing Business in Europe - Extended


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