My friend is also attending the Summer School, can we stay at the same accommodation?

We always try to house student in close proximity of their course location. If the course location of your friend is at a different campus, you cannot stay at the same accommodation.

In Utrecht, there are several student dormitories, which are located throughout the city. Utrecht Summer School generally tries to house students from one course in the same accommodation. Students from other courses might by housed together in the same building as well, which gives you the great opportunity to meet international students from other disciplines. There are no standard combinations of specific courses and student accommodations. The housing of students of each course depends on the duration of the course and its number of participants.

Because 4000 students will visit Utrecht this summer and applications are still coming in, the allocation of the rooms is confirmed just before the start of the course.

Therefore, it is very difficult for us to comply with housing requests. You can send us a request to be housed together, but we cannot guarantee that we can meet your request. Also keep in mind that this means that there's a chance that at least one of you, or both, will not be staying with students from the same course. If you wish to be ensured of a place together, you are always free to book your own accommodation in hostel/hotel or Airbnb. 

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