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HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) has a rich history. It is a vibrant and innovative knowledge
organisation, situated at the heart of the Netherlands in a cosy, medieval city. Every day, thousands of students and staff members work together, and with members from professional practice. HU is the third largest university of applied sciences in the Netherlands, with 35,000 students (including 1,500 international students), representing more than hundred nationalities.

HU offers a wide range of programmes in the fields of Communication & Media, Business & Management, Education & Pedagogy, Health Care & Welfare and Engineering & Technology; full-time
and part-time, undergraduate and master programmes, and short courses, as in Utrecht Summer School.

As a university of applied sciences, we are doing everything we can to make life-long development possible. At HU, education, research and professional practice meet. All programmes are geared towards the practical aspects of the various disciplines and learning is competence based with the emphasis on professional skills and work placements. Sustainability is at the core of our education, and research programmes, and in our facilities, buildings and daily operations.

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