Do I need insurance?

Yes, please make sure that you have your own travel insurance when you arrive in the Netherlands. Utrecht Summer School does not provide any insurance for students. 

A valid health insurance is compulsory in the Netherlands. Before you come to the Netherlands, you should inform yourself whether your current insurance will suffice in the Netherlands or if you need a supplementary cover. If your own insurance policy covers your stay in the Netherlands, take proof of this with you in English. Be sure you also check your personal liability policy insurance and adjust it accordingly, if applicable.

If your own insurance doesn’t cover medical and liability costs in the Netherlands, we recommend the insurance company InsuretoStudy. It is developed especially for foreign students travelling to the Netherlands for educational purposes who have to take care of their own insurance.

Another option is the insurance company AON they have developed the Insurance Certificate for Students (ICS).

You can find a recommended GP practice in the pre-departure information in your personal account. 

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