Do you offer computer facilities?

Students in Utrecht receive a computer account. This is called a Solis ID. Students also have unlimited access to the extensive computer facilities at the University Library in the city centre and at the Utrecht Science Park. 

Before the start of your course you will a receive your Solis-ID. With your Solis-ID you can access the Eduroam network of Utrecht University. This network is available in all buildings of Utrecht University, Hogeschool Utrecht and Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht.

During your arrival you will receive instructions on how to connect to Eduroam.

If you are housed through us, there will also be a wifi connection in your building.

Visitors without a Solis-ID are able to connect to the wifi network 'UU-visitor'. UU-visitor is a light version of Eduroam (less possibilities and not as fast). After connecting, please accept the terms of agreement in your browser.


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